Five Reasons To Use a Resistance Band For Exercise

A resistance band is a kind of exercise device made up of a long, thin strip of rubber, with a handle at each end. Resistance bands are valuable exercise tools, used for resistance-based strength training. A resistance band works by exploiting the elastic nature of rubber to create resistance. While  resistance bands might not seem useful and may even appear flimsy, they are actually a fantastic way to exercise. Here are five greatest benefits of working out with a resistance band.

1. Versatility. Resistance bands can be used for a whole host of different workouts. Exercise with a resistance band can be tailored to target specific  muscle groups, or to emphasize either calorie burning or strength training. Since thicker bands have more resistance, a varied set of resistance bands can offer great versatility. For example, an exercise featuring lots of resistance will build muscle, while one with less can function as a cardio workout. Whatever a person’s particular exercise need, an appropriate resistance band workout is likely available (a myriad of regimens can be found on the internet). In fact, virtually every part of the body can be worked by a resistance band.

2. Some advantages over free weights. Resistance bands are obviously similar to free weights in that both can be used for strength work. But, resistance bands have an advantage in that, unlike free weights, they maintain a constant tension on the muscle throughout a repetition. This means that the muscle must work during the eccentric (lowering) part of the rep, as well as the concentric (lifting) portion. Many free weight lifters almost  entirely neglect the eccentric aspect of their lifting regimen, making for less valuable workouts A resistance band also provides resistance for horizontal movements, allowing for exercises that are impossible with free weights, and making it easier to target certain muscles. Finally, because resistance bands do not rely on their own weight to provide resistance, a person cannot use momentum to ‘cheat’ on the exercise.

3. Convenience. Resistance bands are simple, easy-to-use devices. Exercising with a resistance band requires no complicated training In addition, resistance band can be used almost anywhere. An exerciser can choose to perform their resistance band workout at home, perhaps even while they watch TV. Since resistance bands are so lightweight, and take up so little space, bringing one along on a trip is also very easy. This makes resistance bands an ideal option for those who want to stay in shape while traveling.

4. Cost. A resistance band is just about as cheap as a piece of exercise equipment can be. A quality resistance band can be had for less than $10. For someone who wants to practice strength training without springing for a gym membership or a set of free weights, a resistance band is certainly the best option. A resistance band is basically the ideal budget exercise tool – especially in light of how versatile it can be.

5. Increased strength. Though resistance bands can be used for quality cardio exercises, their primary function is strength training. While those who already em ploy some other form of strength training may only experience marginal benefits, others will have much to gain from using a resistance band. That’s because strength training is very valuable for both fitness and basic health. Strength work is critical to bone health, can improve balance and coordination, and can make many everyday movements or activities easier.

Resistance bands are an underrated and too often overlooked mode of exercise. While a resistance band won’t do the job for a serious bodybuilder or someone who wants to massively increase their strength, it’s perfect for regular people with more modest strength training goals. Since resistance bands are also remarkably inexpensive, convenient, and versatile, there’s almost no reason not to try using one.

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