How Do You Forgive Yourself

Small mistakes are part of everyday life; you accept you will make them. Letting go of shame and guilt for having made a significant error, though, is tough. Until you learn how to forgive yourself, you can’t advance in life. You live under the pressure of remorse.

The process of letting go

When you let go of pain and pardon yourself, the tightness in your chest and turmoil in your stomach fade. You no longer lie in bed going over how  angry and disappointed you are about the past. Releasing stress with forgiveness heals your spirit. It also reduces the stress chemical cortisol, stopping it from rampaging through your system.

Start with acceptance. As long as you wish things were different, you are at a standstill. When you accept your mistake, you can make amends where possible. Also, you might seek support and gain a fresh perspective. Consider what good might come from what occurred. Then treat yourself with loving kindness and let go.


Recognizing you can’t change the past is hard when you’re upset. Take deep, even breaths, in a quiet place where no one will disturb you. Continue to  breathe this way to calm your system, and then remember the past cannot be undone. You can’t get around what’s occurred; you can only go through it; there is no other way.

Make amends

You can’t alter events, but, perhaps you can make amends. If you think you’ve hurt someone, ask for forgiveness. Also, there may be something  practical you can do to aid the situation. Do what you can to put matters straight, but don’t go over the past. “Think of the circumstances in place now and how you can make the future brighter.


Yes, you made a mistake, but this doesn’t mean you aren’t worthy of friendship and support. Ask someone you trust for their view on what’s  happened. You might discover they see things in a different way. As a result, you can gain a wider perspective. Sometimes, you have to look at things from a new angle to understand them.


Consider that the biggest blunders you make bring the greatest learning. If you were perfect, never making gaffes, your emotional intelligence wouldn’t grow. Now, though, you have the opportunity to move ahead quickly, as long as you unravel the lesson in front of you. The only way to become prudent is to follow errors with investigations Discover how events reveal life’s secrets. No doubt, you’ve gained insight into human nature. Take this lesson forth as a wiser individual.

Loving Kindness

As well as gaining understanding by asking a friend’s opinion, you can self-soothe. Think what you would tell someone you love if they were in your situation. What advice would you give? Know you had the best intentions perhaps they don’t seem right now. However, at the time your behavior felt reasonable. You judged what to do based on what was going on then.

Be kind to yourself. You meant well. Otherwise, you wouldn’t feel guilt and shame. Since you want the best for others and them to be happy, you are good. There’s nothing bad about you or wrong with you, quite the opposite. Choose to step into the future, leaving most of the past behind. Only take with you the valuable lessons you’ve learned that make you wise and kind.

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